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The Croatian Folklore Ensemble “Croatoan” Ottawa is excited to announce the start of our new tamburica rental program. The ensemble owns an extensive inventory of instruments. The purpose of this program is to provide authentic instruments to individuals in the National Capital Region who aren’t able to commit to our regular classes or may want to learn at their own pace. The program’s aim is to instill a love for tamburica music in new players and encourage them to continue their learning by registering for regular classes; to make use of instruments that would otherwise be in storage.

How it works

To rent an instrument, the renter pays a one-time refundable deposit and either a monthly or a yearly rental fee. The rental fee is non-refundable. Renters are provided with a “Quick Start Guide” to owning a tambura. This includes care instructions, a few basic lessons, and a couple of beginner songs to practice. When the rental period ends, the instrument is returned and inspected by Croatoan. 


Croatoan is responsible for providing the instrument, a protective carrying case, and replacement strings when necessary. Participants in this program are responsible for paying their rental fees, caring for the instrument, and returning it promptly at the end of the rental period.


If this program interests you, please download and complete the rental application below and return it to We will be in contact with you shortly to complete the application.

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