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The goal of the National Capital Region Croatian Folklore Ensemble CROATOAN is to preserve and promote the Croatian folkloric tradition amongst people of Croatian descent as well as to the entire population of the Ottawa-Gatineau region. An essential aim of CROATOAN is to involve the youth in our community and educate them about their Croatian background and culture, as well as provide them opportunities for volunteering and learning leadership skills.



The objective of the CROATOAN Scholarship is to recognize the contributions of an individual in the promotion of Croatian folklore and cultural tradition through their participation in the National Capital Region Croatian Folklore Ensemble CROATOAN. The scholarship is intended to aid dedicated youth in the community in their pursuit of postsecondary studies.


Amount and Frequency

One (1) scholarship valued at $500 will be granted each academic year.

Applicants may apply multiple times in consecutive years, provided they were not the recipient of the scholarship in the previous year.

Application Deadline and Granting Period

The deadline for applications is March 31 and the recipient of the grant will be chosen and announced at the CROATOAN Annual Spring Concert held each year at the end of April or beginning of May.


Minimum Requirements

The applicant for the scholarship must:

  • Be in their final year of study at a high school or CEGEP, or will continue their studies in the post-secondary institution the following September.

  • Have been a registered participant for a minimum of 2 seasons with CROATOAN as a performer and/or volunteer

  • Have dedicated a minimum of 40 volunteer hours to the organization and/or maintain a 75% attendance rate for practices in the previous 2 seasons.

  • Have maintained a minimum of a 75% average in their previous two semesters of study, as determined by official transcripts.

  • Have a demonstrated record of community involvement other than in CROATOAN.

  • Submit a 750 to 1000 word essay on the theme “By being involved in CROATOAN, I have learned…”


Criteria and Selection Process

Applicants will be assessed by each member of the CROATOAN Scholarship Committee on a scale of 1 to 5 for each of the following merit criteria:

  • Involvement in Croatoan activities

  • Academic achievement

  • Community involvement and volunteerism

  • Their submitted essay

The highest total score possible for any one applicant is 20. The total scores given for an applicant by each Scholarship Committee member will be totalled with the scores of the other members and then divided by 5 in order to determine a final score out of 20.

The applicant with the highest score out of 20 will be awarded the scholarship.


Scholarship Committee

The CROATOAN Scholarship Committee shall be made up of five (5) members: one member of the CROATOAN Executive Council, one teacher from a CROATOAN kolo or tambura group, one parent member of CROATOAN and two particpants (one from a senior group and one from an adult group) who are not eligible to apply for the scholarship in that year.

Committee members will be solicited and asked to apply at the beginning of each CROATOAN season. The CROATOAN Executive Council will assess the applications and select a committee by February. Each member of the scholarship committee can serve on the committee no more than two times.

Those who are applicants or parents of an applicant in any given year cannot serve as scholarship committee members for that year.

If a member of the committee is a member of the CROATOAN Executive council, they may hold only the Executive council member seat on the Scholarship Committee.

For questions or to submit an application, contact

Previous Scholarship Recipients


2024 - Giovanni Espinoza

2023 - Nikola Basar

2022 - Not Awarded

2021 - Qiana Hamedani

2020 - Nicholas Žuger

2019 - Dominika Vuletić

2018 - Magdalena Vuletić

2017 - Dominika Vuletić

2016 - Mate Marinković

2015 - Dominika Vuletić

2014 - Mate Marinković

2013 - Nikolina Beg

2012 - Petra Marinković

2011 - Adriana Basar

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