Croatoan is back and registration is now open!

Learn how it will be different in the era of COVID-19.

Registration is 100% online. No in-person registration will take place.
To start, classes will take place virtually. Once protocols have been established, classes may move to the St. Leopold Mandic Parish Hall.
Registration is open until October 31, 2020.
Classes begin on Sunday, Sept. 13 and Monday, Sept. 14 respectively.
At this time, only tambura classes are being offered. We hope to introduce kolo classes when it is safe to do so. Registration for kolo classes will take place separately.
Registration fees are set at $95 per participant.
Fees can be paid by debit or credit card on our website or by cheque and Interac e-Transfer using Google Forms.


Registration Dates & Deadlines

  • Now open until October 31, 2020 for tambura classes only.


Fees for the 2020-2021 season

  • Registration: $95/performer

  • Membership fee: $6*

* A minimum of one adult membership per family is required.


Practice times and format for groups

  • All classes take place either virtually or at the St Leopold Mandić Parish Hall.

  • We will begin with ONLY TAMBURA classes starting in September 2020.

  • These classes will initially be virtual (using an online video conferencing tool). Once we have established and coached all teachers on necessary protocols required by the health authorities, we will hopefully be able to begin in person Tambura classes.


Kolo classes are suspended for now until we can ensure that they can be conducted safety and in accordance with all requirements put in place by health authorities. A separate registration will take place for kolo. 


First day of class

  • All Beginner, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Tambura groups will begin classes on Sunday, September 13, 2020. Adult Tambura will begin on Monday September 14, 2020.

  • Times will be communicated by the teacher of the group.


Costume deposit and Instrument rentals

  • A deposit of $30 will be required for each costume, if issued to participants. The costume deposit will be refunded after the costume is returned complete, washed, ironed and pleated, as necessary.

  • An annual rental fee of $33 will be required for each Croatoan-owned instrument. Rental fees are non-refundable.


NEW: As only tambura classes will be offered, it is possible there will not be enough Croatoan instruments available for all students. It is advisable to register early (first-come-first-serve) and/or make private arrangements with friends/relatives who own an instrument or buy one of your own.


  • Beginner Tambura: participants must be 5 years of age before or on December 31st, 2020. No musical knowledge required.

  • Junior Tambura: Registration is open to last year’s juniors and last year’s beginners (with teacher’s approval). Any other interested participants must provide proof of the ability to read notes and knowledge of musical theory.

  • Intermediate Tambura: Registration is open to last year’s intermediates and last year’s juniors (with teacher’s approval). Participants must have experience playing tambura along with a working knowledge of musical theory. Any new participants must complete a try-out to test their proficiency playing tambura.

  • Adult Tambura: participants must be 18 years of age before or on December 31st, 2020. No musical knowledge or experience playing tambura is required.

  • Senior Tambura: Registration is open to any student that was registered for senior tambura for the 2019/2020 season and those intermediates who have successfully passed the regularly scheduled June tryout in the previous season (2019-2020). Any other interested participants must request a special tryout in writing to the Program Coordinator prior to the October 31st, 2020 registration deadline provided:


1) They were registered in the intermediate tambura group for the 2019-2020 season and had an >80% attendance record, OR

2) They have been a member of the senior tambura group in Croatoan or in a senior-level tambura group in another Croatian folklore group, AND

3) There is a position available in the senior tambura group as determined by the senior tambura teacher.


Option 1:
Pay by cheque or Interac® e-Transfer
This can be done by completing the Google Form here
Option 2:
Pay by debit or credit card
Follow these instructions:
Step 1: Select an item below
Step 2: Complete the requisite form, including group, name, and contact information
Step 3: Add the registration to your "cart"
Step 4: Select "Local pickup" at checkout (note that you do not need to pickup anything)
Step 5: Complete payment
To register multiple persons, simply return to the registration form and fill it out again. This can be done by clicking the return arrow on the sidebar cart.
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