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2021 Croatoan Scholarship Recipient

We are pleased to announce Qiana Hamedani as the winner of the 2021 Croatoan Scholarship! Qiana has been a long-time participant in Croatoan’s kolo and tambura groups. She is also a tambura teacher and has exemplified her love for Croatian folklore in the Ottawa community through her own research projects and workshops. In addition, the skills she gained from teaching and participating in Croatoan have helped her succeed in volunteer projects with the University of Ottawa’s Sexual Health Centre (UOSHC) and CASCO, a student-run charity aimed at supporting children at CHEO.

Congratulations Qiana!

The objective of the CROATOAN Scholarship is to recognize the contributions of an individual in the promotion of Croatian folklore and cultural tradition through their participation in the Ensemble. An essential aim of CROATOAN is to involve the youth in our community and educate them about their Croatian background and culture, as well as provide them opportunities for volunteering and learning leadership skills. The scholarship is intended to aid dedicated youth in the community in their pursuit of post-secondary studies.


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